Nutrition Wellness


Battling Food Insecurity with Nutrition Wellness Projects

Food Insecurity in Central Oregon

In 2010, our Food Needs Assessment revealed a number of challenges and opportunities for addressing food insecurity (lacking access to food).  When asked, individuals overwhelmingly expressed a desire to access more healthy foods and fresh fruits/vegetables, in addition to prioritizing both price and health/nutrition when making food choices.

Improving Food Security

HDFFA improves food security in Central Oregon by meeting the needs stated by residents:

Programs Make A Difference

Food insecurity directly tied to socio-economic levels with a clear link between diet-related illnesses and unhealthy eating.  These factors are difficult to change but addressing the implementation of nutrition wellness programs provides the education and empowerment that is paramount to establishing self-reliance and reducing diet-related illnesses.

Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition Wellness Project

HDFFA will conduct a one-year project to better understand how Nutrition Wellness programs benefit individuals and families.

Our goal is to improve food security in Central Oregon by implementing a one-year project, funded through the Central Oregon Health Council, to understand how nutrition wellness programs impact Central Oregon residents, and determine the opportunities and barriers to implementing these programs by Health Care Practitioners.

1. Conduct a Needs Assessment

Develop and publish a Needs Assessment of nutrition wellness programs, identify gaps and barriers to the implementation or access to these programs, and provide a comprehensive report and online resources.

2. Provide Cooking Matters classes

Implement and evaluate the Cooking Matters nutrition wellness program in 2017.

3. Build a Nutrition Wellness Coalition

Build and refine a coalition‐building model based on identified needs from the Regional Health Improvement Plant working group and the Needs Assessment in order to implement and sustain ongoing and future nutrition wellness programs.

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