Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition Wellness

In 2010, our Central Oregon Food Needs Assessment revealed a desire by residents to access more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as prioritizing both price and health/nutrition when making food choices.  Studies have also found that not having access to food is tied to similar social and economic status with a link to diet-related illnesses and unhealthy eating.  While it is difficult to change people’s habits we can make a difference by providing access to nutritional wellness programs that empower people to make healthy choices.

Programs Make A Difference

HDFFA and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council are working together to identify nutrition wellness programs throughout the region that serve everyone.  We define nutritional wellness programs as:

Any program that encourages healthy eating by educating and/or providing hand-on skills about nutrition and cooking that may or may not provide food assistance.Project Overview

Project Overview

HDFFA will conduct a one-year project to better understand how Nutrition Wellness programs benefit individuals and families.

Our goal is to improve food security in Central Oregon by implementing a one-year project, funded through the Central Oregon Health Council, to understand how nutrition wellness programs impact Central Oregon residents, and determine the opportunities and barriers to implementing these programs by Health Care Practitioners.  To meet our goal we will:

Take the Survey

We are looking for input from residents and health care practitioners. Please consider taking our survey by June 15, 2017.

Central Oregon Residents

Are you interested in helping us better understand what nutritional programs are helpful for Central Oregonians?  Surveys are anonymous.  Please click on the survey link below and be entered to win a
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Central Oregon Practitioners

We want to understand what health care providers know about nutritional programs in Central Oregon.

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