New Funding for Farm to Preschool Programs in Oregon

Published on August 27, 2014 under Uncategorized

New Funding for Farm to Preschool Programs in Oregon

Ecotrust gives out 13 mini-grants to boost the farm to preschool movement



This fall, in the far northeast corner of Oregon, preschoolers will be heading on field trips to gardens and farms, digging in edible gardens, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables that they will grow, harvest, and cook.


“It’s instinctive for children to experiment with eating, to enjoy the act of foraging in the garden,” says Sara Miller, the Economic Development Specialist with the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District. “There’s the joy of different textures; the freedom and adventure of it. I picked it. I washed it. I ate it… It goes through the children to the rest of the family.”


Miller helped secure a small grant from Ecotrust for five Wallowa County child care centers — two Head Start programs serving children from families living below the poverty line; two private home-based preschools; and a home-based Montessori school — to work together on what is known as farm to preschool: a growing movement that connects young children (ages 0 to 6) with local foods. Activities under the farm to preschool banner range from sourcing food from local farms and planting gardens, to taste tests, farmer visits, and field trips to farmers markets, farms, and community gardens.


The Wallowa County program is one of thirteen programs around the state that received grants from Ecotrust ranging from $500 to $2,000 to support new and expanding farm to preschool projects in Oregon. Ecotrust prioritized providing grants to programs serving some of the most vulnerable children and families in Oregon. Recipients include childcare centers, relief nurseries and emergency shelters, and family child care sites. READ MORE>>



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