Mission & Values

2015 Annual Report

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Mahonia Gardens

Our Mission

To support a community based food system in Central Oregon to increase access to fresh healthy food, support sustainable farm land use,
and foster relationships among farmers and consumers.

Our Programs and Objectives

Increase access to fresh healthy food

Access to fresh, healthy food is a basic need that should be available to anyone regardless of their social or economic situations.  HDFFA provides opportunities for everyone to access food through our Directory, our free food skills programs for low-income residents, and our food donation and farm gleaning program.

Support sustainable farm land use

Farmers and ranchers are the stewards of our land.  HDFFA supports them and their ability to continue providing food for our region and support a healthy and vibrant local food economy.  This includes the following resources and programs.

Foster relationships between farmers, buyers and consumers

HDFFA is an advocate for farmers, ranchers and value-added producers and those that are supporting them. We explore ways to raise the visibility of our regionally produced food through our marketing campaign, seasonal events and workshops.