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All volunteers for the Central Oregon Food Policy Council will be provided volunteer training where they will: learn the history of the organization; be given copies of all printed materials to become familiar with our communications; participate in discussions about the mission and vision, current projects, and potential plans. Depending on the volunteer’s area of interest, specific one-on-one trainings may be provided to better understand their specific role.
Short-term opportunities:

Administrative:# of hours may vary and may include brochure distribution, membership packet mailings, and/or writing our monthly newsletters
Tabling (each tabling event will last four hours) this person will be responsible for setting up and promoting COFPC and BFBL at local events. All information will be made available to the volunteer to pick up, set up, distribute and return.

Longer-term opportunities:

Social Media Specialist (4 hours/week; 6 month commitment) the goal of this position is to use social media to promote COFPC and BFBL including Facebook, Twitter, emails, the monthly newsletter and blogging.

Member Outreach

Current Member Outreach (8 hours/month with a one year commitment) The goal is to contact current COFPC sponsors and BFBL businesses/farmers at least twice a year, take pictures and obtain information about their current activities, assure that they are meeting the BFBL standards, inform them about upcoming opportunities and programs of COFPC, find ways for them to spread the word about BFBL and the Food & Farm Directory, help the business/farmer problem solve or direct them to the appropriate person to help. The main focus is make sure that the business/farmer understands that COFPC is actively involved with what they are doing and interested in promoting them.

New Member Outreach (16 hours/month January and February: two month commitment) The goal is to get new members for the BFBL campaign and COFPC.

Marketing Specialist: (hours undetermined) This is a consultant position that will help COIC staff and COFPC volunteers to define marketing plan, marketing tools, budget, and implementation. The goal of this marketing effort is to educate the public about COFPC, BFBL, and the importance of healthy eating.