Fresh Food Drive

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Grow & Give increases the availability of fresh, local food for  families, food pantries and the food bank in Central Oregon.

You can donate by visiting a regional farmers market or by finding the pantry nearest to you on the map below.
For more information, click on the market link or contact us.

Drive Donation

Downtown Bend
Farmers Market
(HDFFA booth)
June 1-Oct. 12

Northwest Crossing
Farmers Market
(HDFFA booth),

June 18-mid Sept.

Farmers Market
(Seed to Table)

Farmers Market
(Market Manager)

Saturday Market

(Market Manager)
June 4-Sept.17

Dishing up a Fresh Food Drive

Getting fresh food to families


This isn’t your old fashioned can food drive! This is fresh, local food provided to those in need to create a healthier community.

At farmers markets consumers can purchase an extra pound of produce to donate, gardeners can deliver excess produce, and farmers can donate produce at the end of the market day.

After the markets, HDFFA transports the food to a refrigerated warehouse where NeighborImpact (the food bank) and local food pantries pick-up and deliver the food directly to families in their network.Carrot_therm

Our Goal

In 2015, with the help of farmers, gardeners, and farmers market customers, we were able to collect 3,200 lbs. of fresh produce.  In 2016, our goal is to more than double food donations and reach 8,000 pounds!

Other Donation Locations

If you miss the donation times at the farmers market, there is still a way to donate your excess fruits and vegetables. Many local pantries and kitchens gladly accept fresh food donations directly from community members. You can use our Fresh Food Donation Map below  to learn when and where to donate!

“I have donated freshly harvested carrots, zucchinis and tomatoes from my garden. Sharing your gardens bounty is one of the easiest and helpful donations you can do for our community.” –Jules Greene

This map helps you to select the non-profit hunger relief agency closest to your location. To use the map, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click here to open the map in a separate page
  2. Once the map is open, type in your address and a green marker will indicate your location
  3. The red markers surrounding you are the locations of the local non-profits, which currently accept food donations
  4. Click on the red markers close to you to find out what type of food donations they currently accept, have access to their contact information including their phone number and website, and discover the days and times they accept donations

“Every other week throughout the summer we were able to donate fresh lettuce, tomatoes, kale, potatoes and more to help folks have fresh food on their families’ plates”. -NeighborImpact