Farmer Chef Mixer

2017 Farmer Chef Workshops and Mixer Event

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Past Events and Resources

For Farmers

Direct vs. Wholesale Markets

Click to download the “Choosing your Marketing Channel, Farm-Direct vs Wholesale”
Click to download the “Market Channels and Risk”
Click to download the “Market Channels”

What’s the difference between direct and wholesale markets? From farmers markets and CSA to restaurants and cafeteria, each market has distinct characteristics, benefits and barriers to market entry.  This 1.5 hour workshop review: how to determine your needs, what marketing channels are best for your farm and how to prepare for the Farmer-Chef Mixer.

Selling to Restaurants

Click here to download the “Selling to Restaurants” worksheet
Click here to download the “Determining your Price Point for Farmers” worksheet

The challenge of producing and marketing for wholesale buyers and restaurants can be daunting. Farmers can be hesitant or unprepared to meet the requirements of wholesale buyers and restaurants with regards to product quality, food safety, and insurance. This 1-hour workshop was led by Farmer Chris (Juniper Jungle) and Farmer James (Radicle Roots) who sell direct to restaurants.  They discussed restaurant expectations, price points, consistency.

For Chefs

Building a Collaborative

Explore the possibilities of a network with like-minded chefs who care about sourcing, cooking and serving food to create a more localized food system.  HDFFA and COIC invited regional chefs to come and talk about how to collectively learn and source more local foods.

Buying from Farmers

Click here to download “Buying from Farmers” worksheet.

The socially responsible chef with the fiscally responsible bottom line.  For many chefs the idea of sourcing locally or implementing sustainable practices may seem overwhelming or cost-prohibitive. On the contrary, if done right, leading a sustainable kitchen can increase profits and attract new customers. This workshop was led by Chef Lindsay (Jackson’s Corner) and Chef Dave (Rockin’ Dave) who buy from farmers using creative methods.  They discussed restaurant expectations, price points, consistency.

Farmer Chef Mixer Event

Click here to download the “2016 Farmer Chef Mixer Agenda”

Think Musical Chairs, not Blind Date:  The Mixer was open to all farmers and chefs/restaurants  interested in providing or purchasing farm products on a wholesale basis.

Event Supporters

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
Central Oregon Locavore
Deschutes Brewery
Jackson’s Corner
Juniper Jungle
Rockin’ Daves
Radicle Roots

Funded by: Oregon Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant