Local Food Challenge

Here’s the Deal

During the WEEK of OCT 1-7 you can find crazy good deals for local food!  To be a part of the Challenge, grab your buddies, dog, husband, kids, parrot, whomever, and use our Zine to visit our Producer and Food Business Partners. Easy Peasy.

3 Ways to Win

  1. Fill out a raffle tickets at each location, yes more than once!
  2. Post photos @Instagram @Facebook,
    #hdffa, #tastecentraloregon
  3. Put you contact info on the Zine and send by 9/24

Bring Zine to NWX Farmers Market @ HDFFA booth, or 2) “take a pix” and email to, or 3) mail it.

Check out the 2016 Local Food Challenge Zine (below).

Local Food Photo Contest

Enter our local food photo contest and share the local food love!

  1. Take photos of Central Oregon inspired food and local fare during the month of September.
  2. Post photos with #HDFFA and #TasteCentralOregon to Facebook or Instagram.

HDFFA will select a winner in each of the following categories:

  • Best Restaurant Photo
  • Weirdest Looking Vegetable
  • Best Dish featuring Local Food
  • Best Photo with You and Local Food

Winners will be announced during the first week in October in our newsletter and on social media!

What is Local?

For HDFFA, local includes products grown, raised, or crafted in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson County.  The Local Food Challenge is not only about enjoying the tastes of local foods but is also about becoming more aware and better informed about the nutritional, economic, and social benefits of local foods in Central Oregon.


Why Buy Local?

Eating and buying local is gaining momentum as we recognize the value of sourcing food from local farmers and ranchers. As our Central Oregon food supply grows, so do our benefits!

  • Local food tastes better. The distance from the farm to your plate is shorter – and you can taste the difference!
  • Know how your food is produced. Sourcing locally allows you to face your farmer, ask questions directly, and visit the farm.
  • Your dollar goes farther. When your money is spent locally, the whole community benefits.

How Local Can You Go?

  • Try spending $10 per week on food from a local producer at the farmers market, opting for local products at retail stores, or buying directly from farmers.
  • Frequent restaurants and food businesses that support local – Look for the burgundy HDFFA Partners sticker!
  • Get to know your food community – Participate in local food events!