Community Gardens

Central Oregon Community Garden Manual

The Central Oregon Community Gardening Manual contains valuable information for Community Garden Planners.  Download the 2013 Community Gardening Manual by click here.

In the manual you will find information about:

  • Starting a community gardenharvesting a lemon cucumber
  • Garden Management
  • Insurance
  • Timeline for planting
  • Resource Guide
  • Fundraising
  • Grants

For additional information, visit the American Community Gardening Association

Donate Through Grow & Give

Any surplus food from your garden can find a good home feeding the less fortunate in our region. Extra produce can be donated through our Grow & Give program.

Food donation reduces waste and promotes sustainable community practices by keeping edible food out of the waste stream and places it into the hands of community members in need. Setting up a food donation relationship can be a simple way to help support our local non-profit hunger relief organizations.

The ABC’s of starting a community garden

hofh5A community garden is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people; including school gardens, gardens for donating food to those in need and gardens where everyone has their own individual plots. Community gardens foster the development of a community identity and spirit by bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds (age, race, culture, and social class) for one common purpose, gardening.

As we face an uncertain future, with issues ranging from climate change to increasing food and transportation costs, more people are learning how to grow their own food. This manual is intended to inspire neighbors, community associations, governments and others to create a vision of food self-reliance. Despite a tough climate in Central Oregon, there are amazing gardens that are challenging the notion that “you can’t grow anything here”. These garden pioneers are blazing the way for others. Our hope is that as more community gardens are created they will help to provide a food secure future for this region.

Interested in Becoming a Master Gardener?

nutrition classThe OSU Master Gardener™ program serves Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties. Over the years, this program has trained hundreds of volunteers and they, in turn, have reached thousands of clients within our communities. The program targets individuals interested in learning and sharing research-based gardening information. Topics include botany and entomology; integrated pest management and pesticide safety; soils, fertilizers and composting; ornamental, herbaceous plants and woody plants; vegetable, indoor and container gardening; sustainable landscaping; and plant pathology.

Regional Community Gardens

The the left are resources that will help you with your gardening experience in Central Oregon and below is a comprehensive list of community gardens.  We provide this as a community asset and do our best to update the information annually.  If you are aware of any changes, please contact us with updates.

For detailed information on each garden, click on a box below.

Bend - COCC Collaborative Garden

COCC students have worked long and hard to make this a reality. There are 24 beds available to students and faculty members of COCC and OSU-C. Water will be provided. Annual membership fees have not been set for this year. ADA beds will be available. Members supply their own tools.

In 2015, the garden will be a compost demonstration site with a focus on various vermicomposting methods.  Additionally, they are offering free workshops throughout the season open to the public.  Information for those workshops will be posted on their Facebook Page: COCC Garden Club.

Lisa Barnett
P: 541-678-5565

Bend - Kansas Ave. Learning Garden

EnvCenterThe learning garden is built on a former vacant city lot next to The Environmental Center and features 18 youth built garden beds of varying sizes, additional food growing containers, a flower garden, community art, and a large hoop house greenhouse.  Amity Elementary School 4th graders design, plan and plant the larger garden beds and the pick me beds located out front for public harvest.  Students return in the fall as 5th graders for harvesting and passing the garden on to the new 4th graders. The garden is also utilized by other schools for one time or ongoing service projects. Boys & Girls Club kids walk over for programming to maintain and harvest in the garden over the summer. Food not eaten by children in the garden is donated to The Family Kitchen. 3 3’x6’ beds are currently open to community members located close by with more public beds planned for the garden in the future as it is built out.  Community work parties in the spring and fall contribute to the garden’s success, as well as partnerships with local Master Gardeners and other volunteers.

Denise Rowcroft
P: 541.385.6908 x14

last updated provided in 2014 by TEC.

Bend - Franklins Corner Garden

Franklins’ Corner Community Garden is located at 8th and Franklin Avenue. It is accessible by bike and pedestrian trails systems and public transit. This garden is accessible for anyone with a disability or limited mobility.

Seasonal fee of the plots is $25 (10′ x 10′) and $15 (10′ x 4′), 4 accessible beds for those with limited mobility or disabilities $15 (10′ x 3′).   The garden offers a number of educational and demonstration features including; a storm-water infiltration system, water wise landscape and irrigation, an urban food forest, many native plants, grasses and flowers, and is entirely organic. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are allowed.  Some of the beds are available for sponsorship for local low income families and the entire garden is maintained by volunteers.

Find them at or follow on Facebook

Bend - Hollinshead Garden

nutrition classLocated at Hollinshead Park on Jones Road. The garden has 90 plots, 72 are 10 x10, and 18 are 15 x 12.  They utilize organic practices.  Annual member ship dues are $20 for a small plot and $25 for a larger plot. Members supply their own tools.The garden holds an annual open house in early spring for members to sign up for plots.  Prior members gets plots first, then remaining plots go to those that have signed up.  Note:  There are limited plots available, since many people continue to renew their plots year after year.

Chris Miao
541 383-3905,

Pat Kolling, Co-Coordinator
541 977-7661,

Bend - Miller's Landing

Bend Parks and Recreation garden, located at 80 NW Riverside Blvd in Bend. The garden has 40 plots: 24 are 4 x 10 and 16 are 2 x 10, along with a few ADA beds. Watering is provided.

Please contact Chelsea Schneider, Landscape Architect, at Bend Parks and Rec. for more info.
(541) 706-6155


Bend - Nativity Lutheran

nativity5nativity4The garden is 4,000 sq. ft. and includes 89 individual garden plots.  The Food Forest /Orchard was designed by Tyler Pratt has over 111 (cold tolerant) fruit bearing trees and shrubs. Check out their greenhouse!

60850 Brosterhous Road
Joanne Johnson

Bend - Northwest Crossing

The garden features 59 raised, 5-by-10-foot cedar planting beds with mini-sprayer irrigation and is enclosed by an 8-foot-high wire fence.  The beds have wide perimeters for comfortable seating while gardening.  Registration for available garden beds for the 2015 season will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at 9:30am on a first-come, first-served basis. Annual fee for bed rental is $30($25 for seniors). There is a required work party to prepare the garden for the 2015 season, so bring gloves and tools. Opening Day goes on rain or shine, so dress for the weather and work.

The community garden was built and is owned by West Bend Property Co., the developer of Northwest Crossing, and is being managed by the Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardener program.


Louise Gaston:

John Coltman:

Culver - Community Garden

This spring marks the third year for the Culver Community Garden located at the corner of Lewis and Slate Streets. A large variety of fresh vegetables are grown and donated to the Culver Community Food Bank to provide clients there with fresh produce during the growing season, according to Connie Richie, one of the volunteers facilitating the project. The excess produce, she adds, is sold at the local Farmer’s Market, with the proceeds given to the local food bank for the purchase of other needed items. Organizers of Culver’s community garden, it may be noted, were honored in January by Culver’s Lions Club as Organization of the Year for their efforts.

Connie Richie, 574-542-4810
Barbara Quivey, 574-842-2329
Cory Barnes

Last update provided in 2014.

Madras - Willow Creek

The Madras Willow Creek Community Garden is located on the corner of 10th and B Street and was established by the Community Health Improvement Partnership (C.H.I.P.) in 2007 to promote a healthy community, provide food for families and create recreational and therapeutic opportunities for the community. Volunteers coordinated through C.H.I.P. maintain the garden and garden plots are available to anyone interested, but the number of plots is limited. A portion of the produce is donated to community food banks, community kitchens, community food vans, missions, churches, senior residential parks and anywhere else it’s needed. The garden is also used for educational purposes for our local youth programs.  There are 20 plots, with the average size 4’X8’.  Organic practices are used. Online registration is through Mountain View Hospital or by contacting Beth Ann Beamer.  Some tools are available including garden carts.

Beth Ann Beamer or Annie Ayres
P: (541) 460-4023 or (541) 390-0487

Last update provided in 2014

Madras - Margaret Dement

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd & St. Marks Episcopal Church.  The garden located at 395 SE C Street and has four large raised beds, ranging in size fron 5′ X 20′ to 5′ X 35′.  All of the raised beds are 20″ high to accommodate elderly and disabled patrons.  It is open to the public at no charge, however donations to help cover water costs are gladly accepted.  We have a large variety of fruit and nut trees as well as berries, rhubarb, asparagus & grapes.  There is a cultivated area approximately 20′ X 40′ where we typically plant corn and beans.

We are always looking for people willing to adopt a section of the garden to maintain while utilizing a section to grow their own food.  People can reserve plots by calling either Dale or Al in the spring.  All plots not reserved by planting time will be planted by our people to provide food to the Food Bank & Community Kitchen.  The entire garden is on timed irrigation, drip for trees, berries and raised beds and sprinklers for cultivated area.


Last update provided in 2014.

Metolius - Community Garden

IMG_1918Deb Mulkey  or 541-546-6109

Last update provided in 2014.

Prineville - Prineville Presbyterian Church

In 2006, church members took produce to the food bank and also sold the excess from the community garden at the Prineville Farmer’s Market each Saturday.  From those produce sales, they donated all the proceeds to the local food bank. The total sales were over $700.  Each year the interest in the garden grows and we are thankful to the many who pray for us and thankful for all who have supported this local mission.

In 2015, the garden is implementing the Seed To Supper program with HDFFA.  Our plots cost $30 for a large 20 x 20 foot space.  We have starts and seeds for free.

Amy Wilson, Garden Manager

(541) 639 7347

Kim Kambak, point of contact

Prineville - Ward Park

Ward Park Community Gardenprineville5
Gary Ward Park
1143 NW 9th St.

Crook County Parks and Rec has 12’x10′ and 12’x20’ garden plots available for the gardening enthusiast or those interested in learning. Fees are $30 for the 12’x10’ and $40 for the 12’x20’. This includes access, water, clinics, seeds (when possible), community tools, and all the crop you can handle. Space is limited. Growing/plot rental season is from May 11 to November 2. Applications now being accepted. We are having a special through May 1st to buy 1 plot get another plot ½ off.

Kristen Masten

Redmond - Community Organic Garden

hofh5House of Hope Ministries (HOHM) is honored to sponsor Redmond, Oregon’s first Community Organic Garden! The Garden opened in 2009 with 15 raised beds that were leased by VERY enthusiastic gardeners in the community, including kids from House of Hope.

Darlene Woods
P: 541-390-1594

Last update provided in 2014.

Redmond - St. Albans Episcopal Church

Don Scott or Gard Eriksen
P: 541-504-7744

Sisters - Community Garden

sisters2Mission:  To establish a beautiful garden that fosters community connections among Sisters area residents. The garden will serve as:  a gathering place for a mosaic of people, a resource for education, and an opportunity to realize the benefits and pleasure derived from gardening.  They are 35-40 plots available, ranging from 5’ to 10’ x 10’.  They employ organic practices.  The fees for plots are $15 for a small or $30 for a large plot.  They have an opening day that they invite the community to come and sign up for a plot.  They have two tall raised beds that are available for person’s needing accommodation.  They have a tool shed full of tools that are available, although most people bring their own.sisters1


Warm Springs - Community Garden

warmsprings3warmsprings4Edmund Francis
P: 541-553-1196

Warm Springs - Youth Garden, OSU Extension

WSOSUThe garden is gated, with raised beds, 6-7 plots.  They have tools available.

Danita Macy, E: