Cascade Culinary Institute workshop for High Schoolers

Published on May 28, 2015 under Uncategorized
Cascade Culinary Institute is pleased to announce International Culinary Workshop for High School Juniors and Seniors at Central Oregon Community College. Come cook at CCI!
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Enjoy Summer at the Cascade Culinary Institute, gaining valuable knowledge and hands-on experience. 
Chef David Trask and Chef Michele Morris welcome you to the state of the art facility to impart their expertise in modern international cuisine. 
Chef Trask will share Global Flavor Profiles and the Hot Pocket in an exploration of the world of hot pockets and the flavors that make them unique to many parts of the world. From South American Empanadas to Indian Samosas and on to the Italian Calzone, gain an international understanding of this popular fare. 
And in the baking and pastry kitchen, discover techniques and flavors of successful and impressive Entremets in a hands-on experience. From simple meringues and mousses to assembly and presentations used to create this French inspired dessert, Chef Morris will focus on preparations that may be shared with classmates and in contests. 
Each participant will receive a Cascade Culinary Institute chef coat, educational packet and a $350 scholarship to study at the Cascade Culinary Institute post-high school.
David Trask & Michele Morris    7:30am-11:30 MTWTH  36311

6/29 to 7/2 | Bend CUL 117 | Cost $325

David Trask & Michele Morris    7:30am-11:30 MTWTH  36312

7/27 to 7/30  | Bend CUL 117  | Cost $325

David Trask & Michele Morris    7:30am-11:30 MTWTH  36313

8/17 to 8/20 | Bend CUL 117 | Cost $325

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