Albany Farmers’ Market Site Manager

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Position: Albany Farmers’ Market Site Manager

Work Date Range: April 18, 2015 through Nov. 21, 2015


Corvallis-Albany Farmers’ Markets is a nonprofit membership association that operates outdoor farmers’ markets in our two communities and otherwise promotes farm-direct marketing. CAFM’s market director oversees day-to-day operations and is the direct supervisor.


Albany Farmers’ Market is usually staffed by two site managers splitting shifts for the 32-week season. Possible schedules for our successful candidate include every other Saturday or 3 weeks per month. Starting salary is $12 an hour.


Work Location: The Albany Farmers’ Market is at 4th & Ellsworth, in downtown Albany. Bus service from Corvallis to Albany via the Linn-Benton Loop does not fit work hours well, so another mode of transportation is recommended.


Required qualifications:

Good oral communication skills to work effectively with vendors, customers, co-workers, musicians and representatives of community groups at the market.

Ability to read and understand both the letter and the spirit of market guidelines as set out in our Vendor Handbook.

Familiarity with farmers’ market products and what grows in our six-county piece of the Willamette Valley.

Basic math and clerical skills for recordkeeping.

Ability to foster a welcoming and safe environment for SNAP recipients.

Ability to learn operation of wireless card reader and SNAP and debit card procedures well enough to serve as a backup for these functions.

Commitment to work for the duration of the 2015 season.



Preferred qualifications: CAFM strongly prefers applicants with prior interest or involvement in farmers’ markets, small-scale agriculture or other aspects of community food security, such as community gardens, gleaning, food banks, cooking classes for low-income persons and the like. Applicants bilingual in Spanish and English also are preferred.


Please respond with an electronic version of your resume and a cover email/letter to Rebecca Landis at

Duties: For background, you may find it helpful to look at the resources on our Information for Vendors page of


(Friday PM) Pick up or make other arrangements to receive materials needed for market day. Most of what is used for the market stays in storage near the market site. Although many key processes are electronic, there are at least two boxes of items that must go back and forth from Corvallis to Albany each week.


Move infrastructure needed for each market day from storage at 233 3rd Ave. to staging areas in the actual market site. This work is done with a set-up/take-down assistant the site manager will direct. We have multiple hauling devices to reduce time and effort spent on loading and unloading. Tents may exceed 50 pounds in weight, and it may be necessary to lift them briefly.


Items we transport and place include:

Street closing signs and cones for street closing

Directional signs placed outside the market area

Various signs used in and near the market site to advertise events, prevent vehicle incursions and label handicapped parking.

Tents, chairs, tables, banners for market, music and event use

Trash cans for restaurant area and some events

Cooking demo equipment when applicable


Set up market, music and event tents in cooperation with the set-up/take-down assistant. A crib sheet shows what is needed each week. Off-site signs are primarily the responsibility of the set-up/take-down assistant.


Greet arriving vendors. Make sure that vendors park in assigned spaces. This task is shared with a vendor/board member who arrives early.


Greet musicians and event groups. Check on music sound levels and check in with events to make sure their needs are met.


Look for and attempt to correct vehicle and pedestrian safety and convenience issues that may arise on site. Inform market director of problems requiring further action.


Distribute written information to current vendors. Listen to vendor concerns and suggestions and forward them to market director. Encourage vendors to maintain a cooperative spirit that promotes the general good of the market. Inform market director of requested changes in vendor space assignments.


Answer prospective vendor and customer questions about the market in a way that fosters good public perceptions. Many questions are referred to the market director either during or after the market day.


Discreetly monitor for compliance with market guidelines and food safety practices using written guidelines. You can text or call the market director during the market for help.


Collect stall fees and membership fees and record amounts on daily run sheet. Receipts are generated by the market director but may need to be corrected on site. Complete a daily sheet to compare actual collections to fees recorded.


Operate the SNAP, incentive and debit operation as needed to allow breaks for the employee in that booth.


Communicate with market director, event manager and other Albany site manager(s) via email or in person about how the market day went, including feedback on events and music.


Report hours worked on time sheet or via email at the end of each month.


Projected work hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays as scheduled. Picking up or dropping off materials from market director is paid work. Pickup is usually Friday afternoon or evening. Returning materials after the market usually occurs Saturday afternoon.